July 2018 Lineup: 2000s Independent Cinema Gives "(500)" Killer Reasons to Listen in July

After a month of blockbuster films, host Serg Beret and Patrick Raissi rest easy by exploring the indie film scene of the 2000's. Criterion of the Month and Film A Week Revisited with Paul Thomas Anderson's "Punch-Drunk Love" and seminal indie favorite "(500) Days of Summer." Here's the lineup below:


EP. 90: "Adaptation"

The host watch the ultimate film about writer' block as only director Spike Jonze can tell it in 2002's "Adaptation." Listen as they discuss crazy man Nicolas Cage, Chris Cooper's Oscar winning role and the odd and "meta" turns throughout the film. (July 6)

EP. 91: Criterion of the Month - "Punch-Drunk Love"

Criterion of the Month returns after two months with Paul Thomas Anderson's "Punch-Drunk Love." Listen as Patrick talks up one of his favorite films, Anderson's use of color, Sandler's stellar performance and pay respect to the late great Phillip Seymour Hoffman. (July 13)

EP. 92: "Waitress"

The hosts get hungry and dine in at Joe's Pie Diner to celebrate the work of Adrienne Shelley with "Waitress." Listen as they discuss Keri Russell's turn as Jenna, our favorite food on film moments, a returning Nathan Fillion and Shelley's wondrous legacy. (July 20)


EP. 93: FAW Revisited - "(500) Days of Summer"

Film A Week Revisited returns with a trip to the Downtown LA world outside of the rinky-dink film vault with 2009's "(500) Days of Summer." Listen as we discuss realism of romance in this film, the soundtrack of the film, Joseph Gordon-Levitt's handsome nature and Zooey Deschanel's star-making performance. (July 27)