May 2018 Lineup: TV on the Big Screen 'Treks' Across Land, Space

This May, Film A Week takes on the small screen on the big screen with these TV adaptations. Hosts Serg Beret and Patrick Raissi head on a trip to seek serenity, run across Chicago and Los Angeles and traverse the Final Frontier as we review these four larger-than-life stories. Note: There is no Criterion of the Month for May and for next month as well.



Host Serg and Patrick hop aboard with Mal Reynolds and his Serenity crew as they outrun the Operative in this 2005 film based upon the show "Firefly." Listen as the host discuss the cult hit and stellar cast, Fox's love of cancellation, seeing it through a newcomer's eye and Joss Whedon's first stab at feature films. (May 4th)



Our hosts are on the run with Harrison Ford from Tommy Lee Jones to find the one-armed man in this 1993 adaptation of the 1963-67 series. Listen as we discuss Serg's dad's favorite film, Jones' Oscar-winning performance, the mystery of the film and the pulse-pounding train crash sequence. (May 11th)


ep. 83: "Get smart"

The hosts are welcomed into CONTROL with the 2008 adaptation of the classic 60's comedy series. Listen as the host talk about what makes spy comedies work, Steve Carell's perfect casting, and the charm of the jabroni-beating people's champion Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. (May 18th)


ep. 84: FAW REvisited - "star trek II: the wrath of khan"

Space. The final frontier. The crew of Film A Week continue their mission to seek out cinema and revisit classic with this 1982 sci-fi classic. Listen as the hosts come face-to-face with a vengeful Ricardo Montalban, talk about the life James T. Kirk and the death of Mr. Spock, and the original appearance of Khan in "Space Seed." (May 25th)