BIG ANNOUNCEMENT! Our First Big Interview This Wednesday: Nick Romi, director of "Danger Boys: Punks in Osaka"


"Film A Week Presents...," our spinoff series, is having their first big interview with filmmaker Nick Romi, director of "Danger Boys: Punks in Osaka." This interview gives us and the listeners an opportunity to hear Romi talk about the Osaka punk scene, his idea to film the beauty of punk rock and get to know how this all happen simply on accident. "Danger Boys: Punks in Osaka" (available for all Amazon Prime Video members) follows the various bands that inhabit and make up the scene in Osaka, Japan with Flat Sucks, PiPi, Terrible Joke, Tokotomotono and more appearing in the film. Romi captures the raw and real performances of the bands and glimpse inside a new world most outside of the city probably did not even know existed. Listen this Wednesday as Serg Beret and Patrick have a conversation with Romi to talk about the project, Romi's journey and if he plans another entry into the Danger Boys series.

Sergio Berrueta