November 2018 Lineup: Cannon Films Blasts Through In "The Cannon Canon"

This November, Serg and Patrick explore the strange wonderful world of the infamous Cannon Films. Backed by producers Menaheim Golan and Yoram Globus, Cannon Films brought crazy B-movie productions to the wild world of the crazy cocaine-fueled 80’s. From space vampires to breakdancing, from the Masters of the Universe to the masters of action cinema, The Cannon Canon has you covered all November long.


EP. 107: “Breakin’”

Serg Beret and Patrick Raissi decide to pop-and-lock and throw cardboard on the floor in the cult favorite 1984’s “Breakin’.” Listen as they talk about this dance film that beat “Sixteen Candles” at the box office, find out what exactly what the hell is Boogaloo Shrimp, and how this film brought about the most infamous sequel title of all time. (Nov. 2)



Blood-sucking vampires are an old hat because horror film legend Tobe Hooper is bringing vampires…FROM SPACE! Listen as the hosts talk about 1985’s “Lifeforce” with visual effects galore, gratuitous nudity via Mathilda May, Halley’s Comet and another masterful appearance by Sir Patrick Stewart. (Nov. 9)

EP. 109: “The delta force”

The hosts watch Middle America’s favorite action hero Chuck Norris and your grandfather’s favorite curmudgeon Lee Marvin stop a hijacking in 1986’s “The Delta Force.” Listen as they talk up the overt violence, Norris’ internet fame of the early 2000’s and a return of the real “American Ninja,” STEVE JAMES! (Nov. 16)


ep. 110: thanksgiving special - “masters of the universe” w/ special guest nick romi

By the power of Greyskull! The hosts tackles one of the most infamous cartoon adaptations with 1987’s “Masters of the Universe” with special guest Nick Romi, director of “Danger Boys: Punks in Osaka.” Listen as they talk about how Cannon got their hands on He-Man, Dolph Lundgren’s sweet hair, Monica Gellar, Uptown Whittier and Frank Langella’s favorite role (seriously!). (Nov. 22)


ep. 111: “bloodsport”

The Muscles From Brussels is finally here with all the kicking and splits you can handle in 1988’s “Bloodsport.” The hosts head to the Kumite tournament to see Jean-Claude Van Damme lay waste to opponents,give their thoughts on JCVD’s career and how this film is still one guilty pleasure masterpiece. (Nov. 30)

Sergio Berrueta